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I’m obviously a huge fan of tattoos and Gestalten has released a book entitled Forever: The New Tattoo which covers some of the most interesting tattoos being designed and done on bodies in this modern day and age. The tattoo itself has crossed many boundaries and borders and has become an acceptable piece of mainstream […]

This is neat I suppose, but the inventor fails to realize that most U-locks are not “picked” open. They are┬ácut open which means that the key is really for the user, and the rest of the makeup of the lock needs to be incredibly strong and un-clippable for thieves. If anything, this lock is just […]


A month ago I posted about how the big bench at the top of Runyon Canyon was removed mysteriously. No notice, no reason given. It just wasn’t there all of a sudden. As of this week, the bench is back overlooking Los Angeles, except it’s not a big bench anymore. It’s two regular-sized benches. LADWP […]