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This is a follow-up to Soul Pancake’s Forgive and Forget video. In this video, they ask a young man to read a letter he wrote to his sister to forgive her. So touching!

This used to happen to me occasionally when I wrote papers in school. I’d be on one of the last few pages of my paper, tired and ready to go to bed, when suddenly I type a rather simple and familiar word and have to stop everything because all of a sudden I think it’s […]


I’m loving this website that aids you in forgetting about the world around you for just a few moments so you can relax. [via]

I love local stories like this. I wonder if this Shoprite keyholder was reprimanded for his mistake.


Gmail’s new Undo Send feature (in Gmail Labs) should hopefully solve the email problem of forgetting to include an attachment, thus reducing the amount of duplicate emails from senders. YES.