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This kind of reminds me of when MUTEMATH performed “Typical” live on Jimmy Kimmel but backwards.

President Obama’s 2nd term election team has put out this video called “Forward.” about the struggles America faced back when Obama took office and how he overcame those struggles through reform, change, and kept promises. Now, Obama is looking to be elected for a 2nd term and he’s hoping you will join him!

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Not feeling lazy enough to type DBYBRN.com? Why not exercise those fingers with a longer URL that will still bring you to the place you want to be everyday? That’s right, www.hhheeerrrmmmaaannn.com now brings you to Doobybrain.com. Give it a try. It’s like magic!


I now have a legitimate reason to start actively using my Google Voice number because as of earlier today, Google has allowed for the free forwarding of SMS messages to your Gmail account. You can reply via email too which is utterly fantastic!!! There really is no need for me to keep my text message […]

Check out this amazing video of a forward-flip basketball shot made by Aaron Shutway of Brecksville-Broadview Heights Middle School. The video was so impressive that it was recently featured on MSNBC.


Boston College is doing something no other college that I know of is doing, and I think it’s incredibly smart and efficient for their student body. Boston College is doing away with their university email accounts and instead are offering students email forwarding service so that all university emails will be directed to their current […]