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It still baffles me that you can make a living like this. Mark Kologi sells found photos. None of them taken by him and nearly all of them just simply found or stumbled upon by him. He sorts them into bins and has sort of become a curator of sorts for ordinary images. If you’ve […]

I could use a good happy story every once in a while. Here’s a video from WMTW whose news correspondent was just about to give an update on a missing man named Robert McDonough when the man himself walked right up to them! Robert McDonough suffers from dementia and at the time had been missing […]

Wow, this really speaks volumes about how well-built those water-tight housings are for GoPro cameras.

A company like Steri-Clean comes in and literally removes portions of the home that are infected with all sorts of bacteria and biological substance. It’s obviously not a clean job and I’m actually sort of surprised that they don’t wear a full-on helmet instead of just the mouth guard.