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People ask me why I use Foursquare obsessively. This is why. This is almost every place I went to this past year (2014) with the exception of a few places in Barcelona which I couldn’t check in to because of lack of service. How many places? 1786 in total.

I use Foursquare religiously.¬†It’s the one app on my phone that eats the most battery because of its GPS and location-based cell-tower checks. I don’t mind though because at the end of the day, Foursquare serves to feed my obsession with data sets (I compile all the checkins at the end of the year) and […]

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I did a lot of traveling this year. And I made it a point on January 1st, 2013 to use Foursquare whenever possible to track my daily whereabouts and activities. The act has paid off, as I’m not able to see where I’ve been this whole year along with a lot of useless information like […]

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I’ve been purposely using Foursquare a lot in the last few months because I had in mind to map out every single checkin I had in a year. You can already make personalized posters of your Foursquare checkins¬†and also use the official Foursquare Time Machine to visualize your checkins, but for this roadtrip that I […]


This is a neat idea, although it sort of sucks that it’s currently limited to just three cities in the US: Manhattan, San Francisco, and Portland. But if you’ve gone to any of those 3 places and want a personalized map of your Foursquare checkins, then go to Etch and connect your Foursquare account to […]