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While very real, this report does inject some humor into the declining situation in Detroit with the police department. With the city already in shambles, the downsizing of the police department and subsequent moving of certain investigators to other areas of the city are certainly not helping some neighborhoods from picking themselves back up. It’s […]


Screengrab from FoxNews at 8:20PM PST (above). Screengrab from ABC News live stream 8:27PM PST. (above). Screengrab from CNN.com at 8:32PM PST (above).

Earlier today, Fox News accidentally broadcast the suicide of a carjacker running from the police despite the news feed being on a 5-second delay. BEWARE: The video above is graphic. UPDATE: The full chase is posted below.

Comedian Max Rice goes on Fox News with Gretchen Carlson to talk about why he went from being an Obama supporter to being a Romney supporter. Doesn’t Fox News vet their interviewees? [via]

You can always tell an attempt at a viral video by the way a camera zooms in and out of a picture. Real people don’t zoom like that and real people don’t know how to edit as well as this. I can’t tell you what company/product/service this viral ad is for…but it’s definitely a viral […]