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Shwood is introducing a new line of cellulose acetate frames in 3 styles to compliment their already environmentally-conscious product line. The new frames, part of the Fifty/Fifty Collection, are a product of renewable material made from wood pulp and cotton and they come paired with superior Carl Zeiss lenses. Each style of frame also comes […]

An interesting look at how one person takes careful time to decorate their house with art and photos inside unique picture frames.


Not content with the standard white frame around your Polaroids? You can now have them in silver, gold, and various colors. Did you know that, because I didn’t.


Whoa! I just found out that EXOvault has started making these sick metal eyeglass frames. They are taking pre-orders now for $250 a pair and will be ready to ship by November! If you like what you see, you should pre-order, because once the pre-order ends, the price of these gorgeous frames will be $600! […]

I wish this video was uploaded in better quality, but here’s a video from National Geographic (uploaded by Steve McCurry) of him shooting the last roll of Kodak Kodachrome film. He literally travels the world to shoot 36 frames. Not a bad job.

Wooden Specs from Cog Productions on Vimeo. Peter Beorger makes handmade wooden eyeglass frames in Indiana. I love the part where he shapes each frame by compressing it between two large wooden blocks.