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Maybe this will bite me in the ass one day. Maybe it won’t. I tend to be wary of free services like this because they so often have a fine-print catch to them. But I can’t seem to find one to put me off using FrootVPN. My experience with them so far has been great […]

Interesting news this morning. Avid is announcing Pro Tools 12…for free. Not sure where the money-making will come from. But this can only be good news for artists looking to mix and make professional audio and music.

Man. This era of music and computer technology. I remember it well. Napster. Bearshare. Kazaa. Audiogalaxy. Morpheus. Limewire. Gnutella. And an host of others.


Kina Grannis‘ new album Elements isn’t released until next week, but the A.V. Club is streaming the entire album for free right now. Listen below! Pre-order the album in high-quality, DRM-free download right now. Related articles Music: YouTube Artist Kina Grannis is in Her Element