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Whoa, I’ve never seen this end of the Freedom Tunnel before. I’m guessing it doesn’t look like this anymore.

If you skip the beginning of this video, you’ll see the guy climb the fence and enter the Freedom Tunnel. Also, I didn’t know there was an abandoned station inside the Freedom Tunnel. Hmm…


It’s been a good solid 4 years since I last ventured into the Freedom Tunnel. Lately, I’ve been interested in going back in again mainly to revisit the place and see how it has changed ever since Amtrak decided to buff the Freedom Tunnel murals. Yes, I’ve posted videos that showed this already, one including […]

Back in 2011, The New York Times toured the Freedom Tunnel with Chris Pape and got some insight into the significance of the tunnel in graffiti culture and its rapidly changing state. Chris Pape, who went by the moniker “Freedom” in the ’80s painted massive murals in the then-abandoned tunnel (which is now owned and […]

I’m revisiting this video here of a woman named Brooklyn who is/was homeless in NYC and living in the side storage spaces next to the Riverside Amtrak Tunnels (also known as the Freedom Tunnels). As I watched this, I realized that…hell, I’ve been inside her house before. A very weird feeling indeed.