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The 5 Freeway was only just re-opened not too long ago after a huge tanker fire explosion over the weekend. Here’s video of this event and the traffic mess it created.

This is a video from Film Australia made in 1973 to teach drivers how to successfully merge onto the freeway, and subsequently, how to properly drive on the freeway without causing headache or accidents to other drivers.

Is living normally in Saudia Arabia just not exciting enough for some people or something? Why do this? Reminds me a lot about the “sport” of Hajwalah or this MIA music video for “Bad Girls”.


So I’m doing some research on California freeways (don’t ask) and I come across Dave’s Travel Site which by far has the best rundown of just about every freeway-related term and roadway in the Los Angeles region. The site is broken down into different sections for different major topics concerning LA, but my goodness is there […]