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A short film shot around the LA river. I told you I was on a California-binge tonight. This one is neat though, it’s a short film about a camera that can freeze any frame it shoots in real life. [via]

Just watch this. The freeze frame walkthrough is really neat. Reminds me of Adam Berg’s Carousel ad for Philips!


Photo: Victoria Chan I’ve never considered doing this, but it definitely seems like a great idea for drinks. Freeze fruit in ice cubes to make colorful and tasty drinks!


I really love this series of photos from Seth Casteel showing dogs jumping into pools of water and being frozen in the moment. See the whole set here.

Whoa, check out this video Neatorama posted of a natural phenomenon known as a “Brinicle” forming under water. As the Brinicle reaches the sea floor, it encases several starfish in a tomb of ice. It’s fast-forwarded in the video above. Freaky!