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Photo: Reuters/John Gress In Focus has posted more photos of that Chicago warehouse fire that turned the building into a block of ice.


Photo: Robert R Gigliotti Colossal has posted some incredible photos of a warehouse fire in Chicago a few weeks ago that was properly put out during freezing temperatures causing the exterior to resemble an icebox. Check out more photos of this odd phenomenon here. Actually, it’s not that odd, but I guess it’s not every […]

Hoping to outlast their enemies in extreme weather conditions, a portion of the South Korean army apparently trains by retreating to snowy areas and jumping without much clothing into freezing cold waters. So if a Korean soldier appeared without a shirt on in the battlefield, would anybody even notice? I KID I KID.


So I went to the MISHKA biannual sale today with Yelena and picked up some goodies that were very cheap. The line wasn’t very long but the wait to get inside was so ridiculously long because people were staying inside the store so long to get the most of the cheap deals. We waited nearly […]