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As of yesterday Doobybrain is now a featured channel on the Frequency iPad app. The free Frequency app turns your favorite websites into hubs of video allowing you to basically watch back-to-back entertainment from one source without having to worry about clicking through too many posts and pages. It’s a great app that you should […]

Gizmodo posted this odd illusion of water being frozen in air in real-time video. It turns out the trick is simply based on a tube of flowing water being vibrated by a speaker at the exact frequency that the DSLR video framerate is being recorded. Pretty neat video!

OH SAY WHAT! I think this might be a rare glimpse at Michael Cera’s other acting side. You know, the one where he doesn’t play an awkward adolescent in every single one of his movies. And now you’ve got some trivia to stump your friends with! Thanks Brandon!


Click to enlarge This fleshmap shows what body parts are sung about most often in different genres of music. The sampling is taken from 1000 songs chosen randomly and the size of the circle pertains to how many times that part is mentioned. If you go to the site, clicking on each genre of music […]


AMOEBA (Advanced Multiple Organized Experimental Basin) is a prototype wave-pool developed in 1997 by the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering in Osaka, Japan. The purpose of this water contraption is to study the effects of waves on ships in open waters. AMOEBA features 50 “plungerlike” mechanical units along the edge of the pool […]