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Paradise! I haven’t been biking nearly as much as I would like lately. That makes me sad.

I really respect this guy’s passion for his work. Not letting anybody or anything stop him from inventing! Tao Xiangli is a Chinese robot builder living in Beijing, actively pursuing his dream of one day hitting big as an inventor whilst proving wrong those who doubted him along the way. After dropping out of school […]


I don’t always keep up with architecture news, so forgive me if this is just old news to everyone but me. Apparently, right near my house on Olympic and Robertson, is the nation’s first LEED certified gas station. This gas station known as Helios House was designed by Office dA in Boston and Johnston Marklee […]

Everybody needs a Johnny Barnes in their life! Johnny Barnes is an 88-year-old man who stands up to 6 hours a day at the corner of an intersection and waves hello to drivers and tells them that he loves them and that they should smile more. It’s not clear if he does anything else (I […]