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I’m surprised McDonald’s even released this video. Because in the video you see that even though fries are in fact made from real potatoes, the end result in fries is actually coated in all sorts of preservatives/chemicals/solutions to keep flavor and color. No way this is actually a fresh potato by the time you’re eating […]

I for one really hate the new fresh cut fries at Shake Shack. As far as I know, the only location that┬ástill has the old-style, frozen, crinkle-cut fries is Madison Square Park. I’ve done an unofficial survey and just about everyone I talk to says the new fresh cut fries aren’t nearly as good as […]


Gawker is reporting that KFC is launching a new chicken-based restaurant in the style of Chick-fil-A. The new fast food joint is called Super Chix and given the promotional images, I would love to eat here. These look delicious! See some more inside.


I’m in a very small minority that thinks Animal Style fries aren’t that good. Unless you enjoy eating fries first before the burger (or just ordering fries), Animal Style is actually just kind of gross because the cheese hardens so fast and doesn’t mix well with the rest of the sauce layered on top. However, […]

Aziz┬ájust posted this hilarious video of a man going to Five Guys and reviewing their double cheeseburger and fries. Lots of emotion in this piece. If Five Guys isn’t sending this guy a stack of coupons for free stuff, then they’re doing it wrong.