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If you missed it last week amidst all of the news coming out about the Boston Marathon bombings, let me fill you in: Based on unsubstantial reports (mostly on Reddit), The New York Post rushed to print a front page story about two men who were connected to the Boston bombings. The problem was that […]


It all came to an end last night. Such quick work by law enforcement agencies and a relatively good way to end such a tragic and sad week. For what it’s worth, I have never heard of an entire city being shut down to apprehend a suspect. Boston, you are truly not to be messed […]


Dann Petty, founder of PSDs.co, has uploaded his mockups of a drastically redesigned Yahoo! front page and search page that goes simple, but not so simple that it resembles Google’s own front page. He uses a collection of easily identifying icons to show different search functions and functions of the Yahoo! site. Quite nice. Check […]