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Never seen these guys live, but now I really want to. This live set at KEXP was great listening for the morning.


Look at what I just found! Did you know that the Johnson Space Center (JSC) scanned every roll of Hasselblad camera film shot on every Apollo mission? Yep! And it’s all available to view for free in glorious hi-res! Navigation is a bit tough to tackle, but once you get it, you get to see […]

I was excited for this film when it first came out, but I never got a chance to watch it. I can’t watch it right now, but if it’s still up in a few days, I’ll take that as a sign. If you do have the time, here’s the full movie on YouTube.

This is very nice. JUSTICE is streaming their entire live albumĀ All Access Arenas on YouTube.

Speakeasy with Julia Stiles – Full Episode

For a while, actress Julia Stiles sort of dropped off the radar and I had no idea if she was even acting anymore. But with a new show, a great web series, and movies in the stream, it seems as if Julia Stiles hasn’t really disappeared at all. She’s just been working slightly off the […]