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Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong

This is a pretty darn good TED Talk about the way we think of charities and the limits we place on them simply because they aren’t labeled as corporations. Dan Pallotta gives an argument here that if we did think of them as corporations, we would raise a heck of a lot more money because […]

LUCY from Kawehi on Vimeo. Kawehi is selling a song called “Lucy” for whatever price you want to pay, with all the proceeds going directly to a fundraising page made by OneRepublic for all Sandy Hook victims. It’s just a lovely way to help those in the CT community. But of course, you can donate […]

Two amazing artists Clara C and David Choi are going on a joint tour this Fall and they need your help to raise $18,000 for various things like flights, car rentals, equipment rentals, paying musicians, and food! The money raised will supplement the cost they are already putting up to make this tour possible. Help […]

Pie Corps (which I posted about previously) is trying to raise $7,150 for a new oven to make more delicious pies! The money raised on their Lucky Ant fundraising page will be used to furnish a new location in Brooklyn which will open later this Summer. Help these two women reach their dream and who […]

This is just so cute and wonderful! Explore posted the video above from the Shutesbury Public Library in Shutesbury, Massachusetts in hopes that people all over will help them raise $1.4 million so that the state of Massachusetts will chip in $2.1 million to help fund the construction of a newer, bigger, and better library […]

I like this idea but the projected fundraising budget for this particular project ($250,000) is much higher than most other projects I’ve seen on Kickstarter. Plus, have you seen those suggested retail prices?! Not quite sure this is going to fly in the cycling community (but I’ve been wrong before). [via]