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A video from Dark Rye that follows woodworker Michael Yates and his ambitious project to design his grandmother’s casket.


I absolutely love this video from WBEZ that delves into the history of the relatively unknown “L” funeral cars that used to stop at various cemeteries in Chicago. According to local historian Joe Piersen, also the President of the Northwestern Historical Society, the “L” train funeral cars were put into service in about 1905 and could hold […]

Great words from Mayor Bloomberg about the legacy of Ed Koch on NYC. Love him or hate him, Koch made NYC worth visiting and living in again.

Marching bands, lots of friends, drum beaters, carts, and strippers. You know, typical stuff for a funeral.

Man, I wish this documentary was longer! So interesting to see Errol Morris visit the families of people who buried their loved ones in sports team paraphernalia even in their deaths. Funeral home directors aren’t oblivious to this unusual trend as they’ve even been asked to use team-emblazoned caskets or set up unusual funeral processions […]