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The way the eyes move when you move the head of this Minion. Awesome. Best technological upgrade to action figure toys in a long time!


A writer for Gizmodo has reviewed the new digital Fruby and concludes that it’s the most annoying thing ever made. It just won’t shut up (there’s no off switch). The toy retails for about $80, but you can actually pre-order one for just $55 on Amazon.


Furby’s are back (as you might have heard) and Amazon now has the high-tech toy available for pre-order! Comes in 6 colors and yes, those LCD eyes!


DVICE has photos of Hasbro’s new Furby made for the digital era. It comes with 6 sensors for a variety of interactive functions and a pair of LCD eyes that are so much better than their stationary predecessors. Here’s a video!