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The International Dark-Sky Association wants to bring back the joy of seeing the Milky Way.¬†According to the video, about 99% of the population in the US lives in a light-polluted community, meaning, most of us don’t ever see the Milky Way.

Audrey Hepburn comes back to life in odd chocolate commercial

Not gonna lie, this feels really weird. Like the uncanny valley but not I suppose since this doesn’t look to me like outright CGI work (more likely just a good makeup artist combined with a good lookalike). Are companies going to start bringing dead celebrities back to life like this?

Every argument for the continued use of a BlackBerry is in my eyes a ridiculous one.

The Milky Way Planets. from pamacado on Vimeo. I’m slowly getting used to not seeing Pluto in the Milky Way. This lovely animation is done by Pablo Maximiliano. [via]

Two videos of the Samsung GALAXY Camera. That screen looks gorgeous but, er, is it me or did it take a LONG time for it to actually snap a photo in the video above?