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This is so cool. Did you know the NYPL has a collection of old (and some new) restaurant menus, scanned real big for your visual pleasure? The collection is growing every day and you can help the NYPL with supplying menus, transcribing menus, and reporting any errors currently showing in over 17,000 digitized menus. So […]


If you enjoy old tech, you might like Jay Tilston’s Flickr album of MiniDisc cassettes. They are uploaded in pretty hi-res file formats so you get to see everything up close and in detail.

Processed with VSCOcam

The awesome KAWS exhibit at Galerie Perrotin closes this Saturday, December 21st! If you can’t make it out, I’ve included some photos inside. But if you’re in town, you should really see this in person! So much color and so much fun trying to see where he cut into different cartoon characters.

I wish I could go here. Looks like a fun exhibit of work. Those car hoods are neat.

This is great. Will Geddes proposed to his girlfriend by having a private art gallery where he commissioned his friends to each make a work of art spelling out the proposal. His girlfriend came, and the rest was just sweet. Check out the artwork here.