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Did you know that you could buy an original grey Nintendo Game Boy for $700 on Amazon?


I’m linking to this article on WIRED about the 25th anniversary of the Nintendo Game Boy because of this wonderful hi-res image of the original gaming device with Tetris on the screen. The photo is taken by William Warby.


NICE! iLounge has photos of a Game Boy-inspired iPhone case from Incipio’s CES booth this year. Word is that Incipio doesn’t plan on making these available for sale (due to legal reasons with Nintendo). That sucks, I’d totally buy one since I think Incipio makes some of the best iPhone cases out there!

I just spent the last 5 minutes reading up on how to make a custom ringtone for the iPhone. It’s not too hard and I put this one together in a few minutes. If you want this same ringtone, I’ll save you the work of having to do it yourself. Download it here: Multiupload.