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Crook-turned-photographer Joseph Rodriguez is no stranger to law enforcement. In NYC he was arrested several times for burglary and after serving his time, he made his way out West to ride alongside LAPD on drug and gang raids. It was obviously a dangerous job, but one that was even more dangerous at the height of […]


How lovely is this watercolor whale print? Just $23 including shipping!

I first heard of Homeboy Industries last month. The idea seemed radical and amazing — a place where ex-gang members could find acceptance, find work, and get back on the right track to a normal life. It’s not an easy thing to do, but Homeboy Industries in LA is working hard to make sure these […]

We need more people like this, willing to take a chance on at-risk students and not being afraid to fail.


Here’s the trailer for Lotfy Nathan’s documentary about the 12 O’Clock Boys, a dirt bike gang notorious in a dangerous part of Baltimore. The documentary focuses on one particular 13-year-old boy who strives to become a part of this gang. The documentary is raising some funding on Kickstarter with 4 more days to go. Help […]