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Amazing. This is an hour and a half of a guy opening individual TOPPS Garbage Pail Kids Chrome collectors cards.


This is fantastic! Topps has released a book that chronicles all of the series 1-5 Garbage Pail Kids trading cards so those of us who don’t have the time to collect them all can easily view them and feel like we own them. The book, aptly named Garbage Pail Kids is only $15. Buy it […]


I missed out on the opening of the Garbage Pail Kids exhibit at Gallery 1988 but thank goodness The Hundreds was there to cover it!


Holy cow! This is amazing! The Hundreds are definitely treading into MISHKA territory with this sick Garbage Pail Kids collaboration featuring Adam Bomb. 50 of these tees were given out FOR FREE during the Garbage Pail Kids tribute art gallery opening at Gallery 1988 on Melrose. This sucks that I missed out. That gallery is […]


TWBE posted about this sticker pack pre-sale featuring artwork by the original Garbage Pail Kids artist John Pound and fellow artist Adam White. The stickers, 4 in total, feature Pound’s signature “gross” Garbage Pail Kids style. Unfortunately, this sticker pack is priced rather high for maximum exposure. Grab some here for $15.