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Gawker Media’s family of sites are all slowly making the transition towards a new platform known as Kinja. Yesterday, Gizmodo unveiled their new Kinja-based look which puts content up front and center along with fostering a more appropriate communication platform and engaging experience for the user. Unlike the last redesign that Gawker Media sites had, […]


I bookmarked this knowing that it will probably come in handy later. It’s a real-time list of Gawker Media’s trending articles. Thanks Andy!


John Scalzi wrote this post on his website and I think it’s probably one of the clearest and smartest write-ups about the Gawker vs Reddit debate happening on the internet in the last few weeks. If you aren’t sure of what’s going on, here’s a quick rundown: Last week, Gawker writer Adrian Chen unmasked the […]

These Gawker breakdowns of pop culture fads are the best. Their latest take on the peculiar TLC show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is a must-read. And if you don’t want to read it, at least watch the video they’ve uploaded there to get a recap of the debut episode that you may have missed.


File this under “awesome” because it simply is: Gizmodo and parent company Gawker both launched brand new redesigned websites today that focus a lot more on content and experience than on gaining pageviews. Both sites feature one particular story on the “front page” and a rolling list of popular or recent posts on the right […]