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Dissolve Stock Footage created this generic brand video using clips sold and licensed by Dissolve on their website.

Charlie Brooker made this hilarious video poking fun at how modern news segments are built. Just about everything he mentions can be seen on the nightly news.


The Brand packaging designed here by Jesse Kirsch, a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, reminds me a lot of the Home Brand packaging from Safeway. I mean that not so much in the way that it looks comparatively, but more based on the fact that both use bold and very contrasty type and […]

YOU HEAR THAT?! I found this out on my own several years ago when I was at the drug store trying to figure out why two drugs that did the same thing were two totally different prices. I compared ingredients and couldn’t find a difference, so I went with the generic store brand and got […]

By now, most of you should know that Monster Cables aren’t worth the money. There have been lots of non-scientific tests to prove just how normal they are despite the company’s claims of offering “high-definition” audio via their wires. Well, Pud lays down the law in this unintentionally funny video comparison. Wow, Monster Cables really […]


We Made This takes a look at the idea of de-branding cigarette packs in order to curb the effects of smoking on the general population [in the UK]. Apparently, the Department of Health in the UK is considering the idea of de-branding cigarettes — outlawing logos, colors, graphics — and instead using standardized plain/white packs […]