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Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans is a new book from Chronicle Books that takes a look at vintage beer cans and their designs. It’s a reach back in history for those who love old tin cans. Dwell has a slideshow of images from the book and SixAnd5 has a layout of a lot of […]

Did you know that Wilson is the only genuine leather football manufacturer in the United States? Another gem from FUCK YEAH MADE IN USA.


Mmm! 100% Bridle leather and hardened wood enclosure from Filson to protect your playing cards! This is something I can stand behind — even at $100.


Got sent this 13-oz. Tanner Goods belt today and I’m excited to break it in! I’ve had a very odd fascination lately with watching leather age and change color. This 100% genuine leather belt should look gorgeous in no time.

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Fleshfoot is Dave’s online documentation of his brand new Esquivel leather shoes as they age and change color over time. As you may already know, genuine leather has the characteristic of becoming more and more tanned as the leather gets worn and seeing these cream-colored shoes turn brown is going to be pretty neat. Follow […]


Also from Duke’s Lexington Antiques Center are these two beautiful Mason jars –one from Samco and the other from Atlas. They are both 1/2 gallon jars and they make wonderful desk accessories and coin jars (that’s what I’m using them for).