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If you ever find yourself completely bored online, I highly recommend watching ANY of Crash Course’s videos on US history. Always so entertaining and concise.

I hardly ever hear any news about George W. Bush now that he’s out of the President’s seat. That’s not unusual though as most former Presidents seem to duck out of the spotlight as much as they can after their respective terms because in reality, it’s a tough job that puts you under constant scrutiny […]

Mike Tyson, who himself is sometimes hard to understand, gives former President George W. Bush some tips on how to speak eloquently.

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Photo by Christopher Morris To a large number of people (I assume), the three men pictured above (former US Vice President Dick Cheney, former US President George W. Bush, and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld) will forever be known as some of the most ruthless and evil people in the world. To me, this is just […]

Dutch Comedy Central show joezjny put together this spoof of former US Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton failing miserably in a rehearsal for the video announcement that went with the launch of The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. It’s all fake of course, but it’s done well enough to make one think that maybe, […]