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You can pick up Lotta Kühlhorn’s book Designing Patterns here to get a jump-start on how to design your own patterns.


The cover of this new book called Forever: The New Tattoo just made me purchase it. [via]

Konstantin Grcic – Chairman of industrial design from Gestalten on Vimeo. I love this short profile from Gestalten.tv on German designer Konstantin Grcic who shows off this beautiful cantilever chair he helped design using new materials that have an incredible mechanical strength. Watch the video to see how much weight this simplistic chair can hold!

Gestalten.tv goes to The New York Times building to meet with Graphics Director Steve Duenes and his team to talk about how they come up with so many infographic on a daily basis while still making sure that each one is clear and concise and not confusing to read. [via]

Kottke posted this video interview from Gestalten with Dieter Rams that looks at his work over the years with Braun and his 10 principles for good design.