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Watch this very funny but sad video of a man who got his hands on the Logbar, a gesture-based ring pointer for computers. It raised A LOT OF MONEY on Kickstarter and promised a lot of features. The real product…sucks.

MYO – Wearable Gesture Control from Thalmic Labs

Umm, Power Glove? This $150 device/bracelet is sort of like the Leap Motion controller, except that you can use it to control a lot more things. Looks kind of cool, but I’d like to see more videos of people testing it before I make a final decision. Find out more at GET MYO if you’re […]


Forget the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, what I really want as my next office chair of choice is this Steelcase Gesture. According to the promo video below, the chair was designed specifically for the 21st Century digital lifestyle; encouraging movement while sitting no matter what device you’re using (computer, tablet, cellphone, or book). This looks […]

TUAW posted this video above from OptoFidelity, makers of robots and machines that are able to test the functionality of touchscreen devices and measure their results very precisely. To show off this automated technology, OptoFidelity posted this video above of one of their robots playing Angry Birds. Yep. It’s playing a game that normally requires […]