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NO TOUCHING! Not gonna lie though, I would buy one of these gesture-based keyboards if it ever goes on sale to the public.

The New York Times digs in and finds that some of it is due to the Greeks colonizing southern Italy in the past.

Leap Motion + Clear for Mac – Preview

WHAT! This is so cool! Now that the Leap is available for consumers, apps are starting to make use of it. Here’s how the to-do list app Clear will work with the Leap controller.

I want to mark this day in history because it’s the day that I found out that I had multi-touch gestures on my iPad. I know, they’ve been out since at least iOS 4, but for some reason this new feature got lost in all of the press announcements and I’m just now getting to […]

Interesting concept, but seems like a steep learning curve to overcome just to do a couple of calculations. You can get Rechner here for just 99 cents.

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The World Rock Paper Scissors Society (I’m not making this up) actually has some tips on how to win at Rock, Paper, Scissors. Apparently there’s actual strategy involved in this game of hand gestures.