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I had no idea the New York Hall of Science had this giant gingerbread town on display. It’s called Gingerbread Lane  and it runs until January 12, 2014. The 300-square-foot village is made up of an estimated 1,900 lbs. of icing, 400 lbs. of candy, and 500 lbs. of gingerbread dough. It is comprised of 152 […]


An architecture student writes some highly involved instructions on how to properly build a gingerbread brownstone that won’t collapse. It’s so damn detailed that if you don’t have a stead hand or if you’re just not good at building things in general, you probably shouldn’t try. But if you do try and get through it, […]

How fantastic are these Already Been Chewed (ABC) Cookie Cutter shapes? They make your gingerbread men look like they’ve already been chomped on! How funny! A whole plate of these would be great at a party. Available in a range of prices depending on where you want to spend your money: $12.95, $8.99, $7.50, $7.49. […]