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This is happening a little backwards for me. Normally, I will find myself hating a change to any product and then overcoming that hatred with love over time. But with the new Apple iOS 7, I’m finding that I was in love with it while watching the launch video at WWDC 2013, only to find […]


Exciting news! Matt Novak, founder and writer at Paleofuture, a blog about retro-futuristic stuff, has now joined the Gizmodo network! The support Gizmodo can offer can only mean bigger and better things for Matt and his amazing site! So happy for him!


Gawker Media’s family of sites are all slowly making the transition towards a new platform known as Kinja. Yesterday, Gizmodo unveiled their new Kinja-based look which puts content up front and center along with fostering a more appropriate communication platform and engaging experience for the user. Unlike the last redesign that Gawker Media sites had, […]

GIZMODO – Fuji X-E1 from Gizmodo on Vimeo. Gizmodo gives the Fujifilm X-E1 a very high rating in this review. Great picture quality and spectacular full-manual controls and buttons for just about any setting. Unfortunately, it has little video control. Still, it’s said to be a great small-ish camera for those looking to buy something […]

GIZMODO – Making Rye Whiskey at the New York Distilling Company from Gizmodo on Vimeo. There are a ton of things I know nothing about, and making whiskey is certainly on that list. Even after watching this video, which I loved by the way, I have no idea how it’s all done. I just liked […]