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If you for some reason weren’t convinced that Apple Geniuses were disguised in some sort of odd reality distortion field, well, sorry to break it to you, but they are as revealed in this exclusive look at their training manual over at Gizmodo. It’s almost comical what they have to swallow and spit out just […]

Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo got a super-cool tour of LEGO’s Danish HQ where they house “Memory Lane”, a stock house of every single LEGO set every made in new and unused condition.

This is so hilarious. Gizmodo just made a post about the scam that is the Shark Shocker, a product that claims to use magnets to drive away sharks. The only thing is, as Gizmodo notes, the sharks they “test” this on in their demo video are reef sharks which are more or less docile creatures […]

I like that Gizmodo had a professional surfer and Final Cut user review the new Final Cut Pro X from a user’s perspective rather than a tech writer’s perspective (although I suppose you can call Cyrus Sutton both). While in the end Cyrus doesn’t quite find reason to call the new Final Cut “pro”, he […]


Haha, I like this. Gizmodo got their hands on a G-Form Extreme iPad case and went about dropping War and Peace on it (along with a bunch of other heavy objects). The result? The G-Form Extreme iPad case really does live up to the hype! If you’re as impressed as I am you can pick […]


Illustration by Sam Spratt I found this rather interesting: Gizmodo has a post about why it generally takes less milk to lighten iced coffee compared to hot coffee. This is why I love Gizmodo. They cover technology well and always find a way to put something in between posts that’s totally unrelated to gadgets but […]