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For what it’s worth, I think Woody Jang and Gizmodo have just posted the most beautiful iPad 2 video out so far. If there’s a video that makes me want to get an iPad 2, it’s this one right here. Unfortunately, there’s no embeddable version, so you’ll have to go to Gizmodo’s page to view […]

Another winner in Gizmodo’s time-lapse video challenge is this short one by Michael Durham of a pair of roses withering away. The twist is that Michael reverses the time-lapse and makes them come to life again and the effect is quite beautiful.

An artist who goes by the name of NEVER/NEVER SATISFIED is seen in this time-lapse video painting an owl begging with droopy eyes. The time-lapse was made in an abandoned warehouse in Atlanta and rightfully won out against all the other submissions in Gizmodo’s time-lapse video challenge.


File this under “awesome” because it simply is: Gizmodo and parent company Gawker both launched brand new redesigned websites today that focus a lot more on content and experience than on gaining pageviews. Both sites feature one particular story on the “front page” and a rolling list of popular or recent posts on the right […]


The Neiman Foundation Blog at Harvard University has a great article about my favorite tech website Gizmodo (and its parent company Gawker Media) and how they have tapped into independent artists to help spice up their posts with exclusive illustrations found nowhere else on the web. In this age of information overload, I think Gizmodo […]

Joel Johnson at Gizmodo has written a hilarious review/rant about the tyPad and its inability to function as a keyboard like it should. In the end, Joel’s rant makes me almost want to spend $130 just to see if it’s really as frustrating to use as he says. This thing sounds terrible.