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It’s been two years since I was last here. Things are pretty much still the same, if not worse, and the pathway into this place is even easier than I remember. Because it rained a few days earlier, the entire bottom section was flooded and I couldn’t go down there this time, but that’s ok. […]


Itching to go back here before it gets torn down. When I think back on this day, I realize how incredibly lucky I was that I didn’t get hurt. The walls of this smokestack were clearly not solid and I should have taken the pile of bricks on the floor as a sign that at […]


Palladium Boots has unveiled a short video about exploring the urban ruins of New York City (and the surrounding boroughs). In the video, they hit up big spots like the Freedom Tunnel, the Glenwood Power Plant, and the Red Hook Grain Terminal. I’ve been to all 3 and I’ve shown photos here of the places […]