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I just posted up the full set of photos from my excursion into the abandoned Glenwood power plant. My written account of the adventure is inside, but if all you want to see are the pictures, then check them out here.


I can’t stop looking at these pictures I took yesterday at the former Glenwood Power Plant. Here’s another one from the second portion of the building, which includes the smokestacks I posted earlier. The building is absolutely grand in scale. It’s built by the same people as Grand Central Terminal in New York City but […]


Brandon and I went to explore the Glenwood Power Plant today along the Hudson River. It was one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to (Freedom Tunnel included). I have lots of great photos to go through and I’ll upload them all soon. But for now, here’s a quick shot of Brandon and I […]


If all goes as planned tomorrow — and the weather is relatively good — I’ll end up in Yonkers at this magnificent marvel. More on this later hopefully.