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An interesting video from The New York Times about the changing climate and what that means for the polar bear as it has less time to hunt for seals and more time to feast on geese eggs (which aren’t exactly healthy for them in the long run).

Sea levels are rising but it’s often hard to imagine what thatĀ could mean for us. BuzzFeed put together this video showing different cities under water.

I don’t understand why they predicted the temperature so far in advance. Anyway, this video basically shows that North America will be a scorching place by 2084.

VICE takes a brief look at how Hurricane Sandy was a big wake-up call to the nation in terms of readying cities for devastating storms due to global warming. In the video we see how Venice, a city known for being in water, stays operation during big storms through the use of theĀ MOSE Project. The […]

They Will Come To Town is an amazing short film from the Institute of Animation Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction that shows viewers what New York City and the world may look like if we don’t act now to stop global warming.