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Gloves for every job, occasion, and setting! Get them now from The Hundreds. Photos inside.


OMG. How wonderfully brilliant is this GloveShot Slingshot? It offers better grip, stability, and a lot more pull force (up to 35-pounds of force) and looks crazy cool at the same time. But be prepared to pay up: It costs $189.95.


Here’s hoping that Fielders Choice Goods makes more of these repurposed baseball glove wallets. They’re currently all sold out! [via]


These EMS Switch 3-in-1 Mitts are keeping my hands very toasty this evening in this frigid New York City weather. They are less than $40 and they come with removable glove liners that are perfect for when you need your digits to hold and grab things. The System Three 5K mitt keeps the wind out […]