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These are supposedly really, really great gloves for days like today in NYC where it is below 0. They can be found here.


Wait, these Kinco Deerskin Gloves are only $22? How?! Why is it that deerskin gloves elsewhere are closer to $100?

Here’s a video of somebody who got their hands on some NeverWet and sprayed it onto some gloves. Syrup and other liquids don’t stand a chance!

Nothing remarkable about this video from 1994 except that THIS GUY IS NOT WEARING ANY GLOVES TO MAKE THAT SANDWICH. Man, this used to be the norm! The 90s were so dangerous.

Micaƫl Reynaud made this video of a hand covered in latex gloves holding various toys from the 80s and 90s. Mesmerizing.

Haha, this is so cute. Look at how that young one throws those gloves down onto the ice — almost like he’s been watching too many hockey fights on TV! But don’t worry, all ends well…for now.