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This is a neat party trick, no? According to the video, it apparently only works with Duck Tape-brand of duct tape.


For an entire year I lived next to a 7-Eleven in Koreatown, Los Angeles. It was the familiar site I looked for as I drove home just about every day and the comforting glow in the dark as I ventured out late at night (or really early in the mornings). Harlan Erskine’s photos of 10 […]

Using bioluminescent bacteria, Dr. Edie Widder has made pollution that is relatively invisible to the naked eye visible to us. This is valuable to see just how polluted waterways are as you’ll see in the video above where she takes a sample and shows dead spots in the bioluminescent bacteria.

Man, if you trip and fall in this factory, forget it, you’re going home glowing. Fascinating look at this place though. I’d love to visit. [via]