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Just started using Google’s Inbox today and it’s great. I can totally see myself using this over just normal Gmail.

I’ve been using this app for the Mac called AirMail. It’s an email app that works extremely well for those of us who use Gmail as their main mail client but don’t want to always have a browser open. The best thing about this app, at least for me, is that when printing an email, […]

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Just stumbled upon this app that creates a local backup copy of your entire Gmail account on your computer. I’m contemplating whether or not this is worth doing…seems pretty easy.

I don’t find myself wanting to try this on my own, but the concept and implementation of visualizing your email connections is quite neat. Watch the video and give it a try here. The web app promises to only look at your email headers and not the email content to grab your email connections.


I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. The new Gmail Organized Inbox which Google announced back in May is an invaluable tool for me in terms of email management. Where Priority Inbox failed, Gmail’s Organized Inbox prevails and succeeds greatly, helping me to keep my inbox nice and clean and decipherable. I’m not […]

Google is rolling out a new redesigned Gmail experience for users that focuses on organization and sorting. This, to me, is what Priority Inbox should have been. Excited to see it in action in my own account.