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Richard Misrach, 7.19.99 8:50 PM, from Golden Gate (Aperture, 2012)

The images here are shot by photographer Richard Misrach of San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge. But instead of capturing an image of the bridge we’ve all most likely seen, Richard collects images of this bridge in states lesser seen. Beautiful colors and equal attention paid to the bridge as to the sky above and […]


Photo: Lance Cheung/US Air Force via Getty Images I was reading a post about the Golden Gate Bridge on In Focus just now and came across this interesting bit of information. Apparently the photo above taken by Lance Cheung for the US Air Force during a drill is the original image for the helicopter shark […]


This archive video from The Library of Congress Prelinger Archive explains in very great detail how the Golden Gate Bridge was built with Bethlehem Steel from Pennsylvania. The video includes archival footage and photographs of the bridge building process and it’s a delight to watch (if you’re into that sort of thing). The cable spinning […]

KFOG Radio uploaded this 19-minute long video compilation of the fireworks display during the 75th anniversary celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Amazing light show! Make sure you watch this in HD!

I thought this was a joke at first, but as I kept watching I realized that this was just as serious as any other documentary out there. Married To The Eiffel Tower follows several women who truly are in love with objects. Collectively, they are a small, small group of folks who call themselves “objectum […]

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Photo from Jonathan Moreau on Flickr YMFY posted this really intense article from an old issue of Salon that goes quite graphically into what happens when a body leaps from the Golden Gate Bridge. As you can imagine, the things described by the personnel who routinely handle the aftermaths of such events are both a […]