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It’s here! The lineup for this year’s Great GoogaMooga at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park! Hopefully in its 2nd year the festival learns that people just want to use regular cash and hopefully vendors bring enough food to last more than an hour. We shall see…

Fried chicken fights were bound to happen eventually. What did you expect when you cram a bunch of people into an enclosed field with no wifi or cell service in the middle of NYC?! Also, can we all band together and try never to film video on a mobile device in PORTRAIT MODE?! PLEASE.


This was the first year Superfly put on The Great GoogaMooga Festival in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and I have to say they did a pretty damn good job. GoogaMooga was really fun! The weather on Saturday was perfect and the organizers really did a great job of bringing together a wide variety of foods and […]


I have no idea how great GoogaMooga is going to be tomorrow. It’s the first year this festival is happening and honestly, it could go either way. But even before the festival starts, I’m already impressed with the way the festival has been making attendees aware of events. The email blasts with reminders and useful […]

Real excited to eat this again and to also spend a whole day just chillin’ in Prospect Park listening to music.