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Love it! Google just extended free voice calls in the US and Canada through 2012! My guess is that Google will eventually just make all domestic calls free and cause widespread havoc in the telecommunications industry.

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Forget that stupid Apple announcement about The Beatles coming to digital download (LAME), today’s major announcement that you should be excited about is the official release of the Google Voice app for the iPhone. It’s taken them a while but the folks Google have finally released this standalone app that makes managing texts and calls […]


Is Gmail going to have free US-calling via VoIP soon? If CNET is to be believed, that just might very well be the case in the near future as Google merges some of Google Voice’s features directly into Gmail. Nice, I want this to happen.

What is Google Voice? from Jr.canest on Vimeo. JR Canest and Kasey Lum created this great looking ad for Google Voice. Check out their amazing and in-depth creative process here.