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Whirled Interactive made this video using Google Wave. It even includes the death of Brittany Murphy which happened just a few days ago.

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Gizmodo points toward this amusing Google Wave re-enactment of the creation of the Declaration of Independence. If you playback the Wave, you can see the early Presidents and bickering at each other and writing silly comments — pretty much doing exactly what I would do in a Wave today.

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Wow, already? Google Wave is barely beyond a preview right now and Gina Trapani has already compiled all of the possible tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Google Wave experience. For what it’s worth though, this is actually quite informative and it includes a lot of stuff that Google doesn’t […]

What is Google Wave good for? This video explains it in simple terms.


Google Wave is pretty complicated, and a new website is out to see just how many things are in fact easier to understand than Google’s latest venture.