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I didn’t know this but I could see how it would make sense. The Wall Street Journal posted this video on the fishing industry’s practices in renaming and essentially “rebranding” fish as some other fish to sell more fish to people who wouldn’t otherwise know any better.

Gourmet presents the Quattro Skate from Gourmet NFN on Vimeo. Gourmet unveiled their Quattro Skate shoe by sharing this wonderful looking video shot in Philadelphia. Makes me want to go back! [via]

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Kevin Demaria, who has worked at Gourmet magazine for the last 8 years, published photos of the magazine’s last days to remember the food magazine and to somehow make sense of the poor state of the magazine industry — at least at Conde Nast (or so they say…). Simple yet beautiful photos.


Gourmet magazine has compiled a list of best cookie recipes from their archives. The recipes, all available online for free, go all the way back to the 1940′s up until today! It’s a great resource if you’re looking for something fresh to bake in your kitchen.