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The beginning of this video is nothing new, but stay until the end to see the new Batman-like shooting contraption that may end police pursuits for good.

Having trouble getting to your destination? Why not turn on Waze and have comedian Kevin Hart scream the directions at you?


Google wins here. With the rumored acquisition of Waze (quite possibly the best traffic and GPS map app), Google now stands way ahead of the rest of the GPS crowd in terms of getting a big enough user base to make real-time traffic data relevant in their own maps. I like this. Mainly because of […]


I really love the idea of the BikeSpike┬ábut was bummed out to hear that it really only works with an annual subscription service (sort of like a cellphone plan). It uses cellular and GPS data to track your movements and in the event of a bike theft, you can turn it on and send your […]