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Photographer Vik Muniz and designer Marcelo Coelho successfully created microscopic drawings of castles on single grains of sand. INSANE. And then they print them super big.

Evidence of things unseen

A video made using some of the great grain filters from Gorilla Grain.

Essentially, The Alaskan Brewing Company is running its beer-making factory on beer. What a genius way to go green! The energy saved by doing this saves the company up to $450,000 a year.

Are these real? If so, I wonder if they’re as strong as their aluminum counterparts.


The Daily Mail has posted some neat photos of grains of sand zoomed in at over 250 times its original size and from the images you can see that, just like snowflakes, every grain of sand is unique and special in its own way!

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Nice! Nixon just announced their light wood collection which includes their Chronicle watch (above) along with some headphones and at least one other watch family. Nice contrasting colors with the black there. WANT!